Stop Being A Seeker

Episode 39:

How to find enlightenment, relationship, success or your keys.

Seeking is a state of lack and as long as we keep looking, we strengthen the perception that something is missing in us or in our lives. Why? Because what we perceive is not the exact image of reality but an individual interpretation. We constantly filter reality and only become aware of what matches to our expectation. That means: As long as you are searching for success, a partner, enlightenment or else, you see lack. You go from teacher to teacher, from seminar to seminar, from one yoga/meditation style to the next and pretend to study yourself. However, as long as you need someone else to tell you what to do, you don’t have a good look at yourself. To follow others is just another way to loose yourself. Find out how to change your inner filters and let life’s abundance into your conscious perception.

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