YUNA® Das Gesundheitsworkout

A workout that’s about what truly matters: health and happiness.

Yuna is a pigeonholeless training for body, mind and heart. Now fitness and positivity have a voice. No self-display. Real change.

Common Thread

Capture The Essence

The essence of life is the same for all of us: We wish to be healthy and happy.

By putting this connective element at the heart of your classes, you contribute to a more beautiful world. Yuna is a space where we all are empowered to thrive. We feel welcome and valued as humans, instead of being judged by achievements and abilities.

Build Togetherness

Yuna classes have been designed to not separate humans according to age, gender, levels or any other label. Share a new kind of togetherness, where everyone is welcome, feels included and is encouraged to shine in his or her individuality.

Celebrate Simplicity

Our competitive society created a myriad of classes, making it overly complicated for clients to find what they need. We love simplicity and clarity and that’s why we offer two class types: Earth and Heaven. They reflect the two complimentary forces yin and yang, which create balance in every aspect of life.

Refreshingly Hands-On

Instead of being busy with the correct placement of equipment, you can focus on the human beings. Only the body and a mat are needed for our effective training. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment. Also, you can teach anywhere and any time without having to transport bags full of equipment.

New Values

Words Create Worlds

Clear and positive wording changes our perception of the world.

We begin to see solutions instead of problems and potential where we used to see closed doors. This new and more abundant viewpoint unleashes dormant potential and paves the way to a life of purpose for yourself and your groups.


Your choice of words makes the difference. Your group doesn’t have to twist the neck trying to watch and copy you. Instead, they can enjoy true me-time and focus on themselves completely. When you guide verbally instead of demonstrating the movements, you can truly be there for your group and everyone feels appreciated and seen.

Body Positivity

Without presenting the movements, you free your group and yourself from pressure, seemingly ideals and superficiality. Without a visual, there is no comparing and competing and the unique beauty of every being blossoms effortlessly. No matter how big your groups are, you are able to offer a high quality of support paired with a positive self-image.

Deep Awareness

No need to sound super smart by using fancy language or names. Let your talk be natural, authentic and describe each movement step by step. This is how you share mindfulness and body wisdom. Allow your words to be grounded on knowledge and come from the heart to reach your group on physical, emotional and mental level.

Purpose In Life

Enthusiasm Ensures Excellence

Inspire through positive motivation without the pressure to perform.

Strengthen true self-esteem and create independence from someone else’s opinions or ideals promoted by the media. This is how you trigger deep joy and positivity that enhance your whole life.

Joyful Instead Of Relentless

Yuna classes are easy to spot: The people are smiling and having fun, even while they are challenged. Everyone of us deserves a space, where we have nothing to prove or accomplish. No-one to please other than oneself. This is freedom and the pure joy of being alive.

Fresh Perspective

A positive mindset transforms obstacles into springboards and finds a solution for any kind of challenge. Inspire your group to dissolve negative thinking and movement patterns and help them to develop a positive view on themselves and others. Let them see the beauty of life.


Praise and criticism create dependence. Instead of judging their performance, appreciate your group as humans by nurture kindness and true self-esteem. Beyond judgement humans relax into their beautiful, unique self and feel good in their own skin.

Capture The Essence

2 Class Types

Our class types Earth und Heaven are based on the two complementary forces yang and yin: dynamic and calm. These forces create balance in every aspect of life.

Heaven fuels your energy, enhances enthusiasm and strength. Discover this highly efficient whole body training.

Heaven is dedicated to true strength so you can break free from negative patterns. You are pure potential. A wide variety of flows trains and mobilizes every part of the body. A mix of static, pulsing, slow and fast movements will trigger your natural body intelligence and help you reconnect to the joy of movement that we all had as kids.
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Heaven feels like a natural high that allows you to play and challenge yourself as you wish. The after Heaven effect will keep your body and mind upright, clear and strong throughout your day.

– Balance

Health comes from creating balance between too much and not enough. Don’t burn yourself out but also, make sure you challenge yourself enough to live your full potential.

– Core

A strong core goes hand in hand with a healthy back and self-esteem. Live your uniqueness guided by the core of your being: your heart.

– Joy

You deserve a space where you can challenge yourself without being pushed or pressured but encouraged and supported. Feel the joy of progressing free from competition and labels.

– Strength

No need to be hard on yourself. Instead, learn to move with purpose and awareness. Listen to your body’s wisdom and free yourself from negative patterns. Align with the moment and everything falls into place.

Earth calms the business of your mind, releases deep tissues and triggers profound regeneration.

Learn to appreciate yourself even when you are relaxing. You are not your to do list. Earth’s gift for you is a deep, sweet release and a clear mind. Stop running through life and begin to take time for yourself.
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Earth flows are long, gentle stretches that re-awaken the natural range of motion for your body. Experience an effortless and lasting release of deep tissues and joints. Your mind is longing for calmness. With Earth, you will benefit from a clear, organized mind and enjoy a new sense of lightness in your body that sticks with you off the mat.

– Flexibility

A flexible mind is creative and can face any challenge. A flexible body is all about feeling free and mobile. Move beyond made-up limits and discover a space of possibility.

– Appreciation

You need to allow your system to regenerate and there’s no better way than leaving it be. Remember that you are valuable no matter if you are hustling or doing nothing.

– Success

Train the mind to follow through with what you started. Listen to yourself, take breaks but never give up. You can do anything you want.

– Stillness

By bathing in these qualities on the mat, you can tap into them any time you want. Be an oasis of calm in the daily hustle and bustle.