YUNA® Das Gesundheitsworkout

Welcome to the ego-free zone

No self-display. Real change.

Group training reimagined

Now fitness and positivity have a voice.

Get to know a new approach to health, belonging and self-value. Let’s create a world where a smile isn’t the exception but normal.

Back to basics.

We focus on the essence of life: The wish to be happy and healthy.

Yuna classes are fundamentally designed to be free from levels, self-display and the pressure to perform.

We create a highly motivating space with clear, positive communication and genuine kindness to ensure that everyone’s potential can unfold effortlessly.

Ego-Free Zone

Instead of performance, achievements and self-display, we value everyone for showing up. We don’t feed the ego because we focus on the essentials in life: health and happiness.

No Labels

We don’t see men, women, beginners or advanced practitioners. All we see is unique humans. Yuna classes are designed to be free from labels and pigeonholing. We create a space of togetherness and kindness.

Pure Positivity

A workout doesn’t have to be hard and painful. Rigor doesn’t produce the best results. Joy, however, changes everything. First, it’s simply more fun. Second, it is way more powerful. A positive doesn’t make the world a perfect place but way more beautiful.

Words? Worlds!

Thanks to pure verbal guidance we can focus on our groups 100%, while everyone in the group can turn their focus inwards. Our words create a world where everyone can experience first hand how it feels to be welcome and valued.

One For All

Mobilize, stretch, strengthen, meditate, training the mind – pretty time consuming. That’s why we unite it all. In Yuna classes we nurture body, mind and heart. This synergy unleashes unlimited potential.


Many thanks for this gift called Yuna. My life has changed forever.
– Johannes

Interestingly enough I felt like finally my true self is seen. It was the absolut right decision to embark upon this journey with you!!
– Kathi

So awesome what happens in the Yuna Guide Growth Club – I’m feeling supported and cared for. Thank you for both, this platform and this field that we can now contribute to.
– Bettina

Thanks for the wonderful instructions, for your impressive online work and your dedication in daily life to make life better for all of us.
– Flo

I enjoy the training a lot! Fantastic how you guys manage to translate the experience of many years into short, on-point videos. The didactic and technical quality of the videos is impressive. Everything is great, coherent and makes total sense. Big thanks!
– Stefan

I love the message that everyone is something special exactly as they are and that the art is to fall with a smile and try again, on the mat as in life.
– Nina

My classes are all sold out! This is the fruit of YOUR seed. Ever since I became Yuna Guide my life has improved in a wonderful way. THANK YOU!
– Andrea

I love Yuna!
– Christoph

I’d like to express my admiration and gratitude to you because you’ve decided to follow your heart and offer support for so many who need it to evolve, to break free, to stand up and have the guts to be great. THANKS!!!
– Birgit