The Magic Of Silence

Episode 40: Tap into inner peace and calm. There’s a special magic to a moment of silence. But silence is much more than one single moment. Silence is a space within that remains completely untouched by noises around or within us. How do we tap into this space? Actually, the …

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Stop Being A Seeker

Episode 39: How to find enlightenment, relationship, success or your keys. Seeking is a state of lack and as long as we keep looking, we strengthen the perception that something is missing in us or in our lives. Why? Because what we perceive is not the exact image of reality …

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Acceptance Isn’t Resignation

Episode 37: Asthma and other health challenges. Do you know the feeling when you have a physical ache and the moment you’ve arranged a doctor’s appointment you already feel much better? That’s the magic of acceptance. Whatever aliment or problem you have, running from it or fighting against it, doesn’t …

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