What True Strength Can Do

This is a very personal story dedicated to everyone aiming to increase body-mind health in their own life and in our world.

With 18 they told me I had allergic asthma. My lung volume was worryingly low and I had to get weekly shots. Just to give you an idea of what this meant during the day: Walking up to the second floor, I had to sit down on the stairs in the first floor to catch my breath. Not a sign of good health we can all agree.

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Meditation Is NOT For Everyone

If your mind is highly agitated, negative, destructive, depressive – it’s not a good idea to sit down and meditate. Why not? Because meditation asks you to look inside and face all the thoughts and emotions stored up inside of you and if all you find is negativity, it’s not helpful to sit there daily and focus on this negativity even more.

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