3 Things A Visionary Needs To Know

Look around. Have you ever noticed that you are surrounded by incredible creativity, great bravery and yes, a little madness?

Everything you see in our world right now, every building, every item you use, every single thing, has once been the crazy idea of an imaginative human who was driven to make this world better, more beautiful, comfortable, more efficient, more sustainable or more exciting.

Every-thing is made up.

What would this world be without all the visionaries who devoted their lives to look and stretch and create beyond the status quo?

Have you ever imagined our world without wheels, phones, planes, dishwashers, freezers, comfy couches, fashionable sneakers, radiators, coffee machines and glorious Matcha whisks. It is all made up. Every-thing is made up. Many things, not all of them, but many things, improved our coexistence significantly.

If you are one of these brave, creative visionaries you know that it is not easy to create big change. Here are 3 things that will help you succeed in making your vision a reality.

1. Choose your circle of confidants wisely

The birth on an idea is pure magic. But what happens when you share this delicate seed of yours with everyone else? Probably the same thing that happened to all the other visionaries before you: Your idea will be laughed at and many will say it is impossible.

Of course, once you’ve succeeded, these doubters will tell everyone that they’ve always believed in you and your vision. To watch that happen can be quite entertaining, but these humans don’t help you while things are still in progress.

Trusting someone with your vision is an honor.

If and when you want to share your vision, it is of paramount importance that you choose your confidants wisely, because trusting someone with your idea is an honor that not everyone can appreciate. Share your vision only with those, who will support you along the way. Take the advice the grail knight gave Indiana Jones: Choose wisely.

2. Giving up is not an option

Make sure that „giving up“ is not part of your vocabulary. Don’t give up. The concept is simple, however, it is not easy. There are times when you don’t believe in yourself. You want to give up because nothing seems to make sense anymore.

A visionary’s life is a rough ride.

This feeling usually surfaces for the first time, when the initial wave of enthusiasm ebbs away and the struggle of the daily challenges is exposed without mercy. Your endless to do list takes up all the space where your dreams used to sparkle and shine. Living your dreams is not one perfect flow of ease and happiness. The ups and downs of a visionary are a rough ride.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.

But here come the good news: It is all worth it. Why? Because enduring this struggle is way easier than having to live with the fact that you gave up. To watch your passion fade away year by year, becoming thinner and thinner, until it transforms into bitterness and frustration, is much more painful than facing the daily ups and downs.

3. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. Having bold visions is scary and uncomfortable and most wonderful.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortably far out of your comfort zone. It is where the magic happens, where visionaries like you are changing this world to make it even more amazing than it already is.

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